Jewelry & Stone Repairing

Restore the Brilliance, Rekindle the Sentiment

Every piece of jewelry is a masterpiece in its own right, and with time, wear and tear may begin to take its toll!

At Aramis Jewelry, we understand the deep sentimental value that jewelry holds. Our jewelry and stone repair service is here to ensure your treasured pieces continue to tell their stories for generations to come.

Our skilled artisans possess a wealth of experience in repairing and restoring jewelry of all kinds. From broken chains and clasps to missing stones and worn settings, no challenge is too great for our craftsmen. We breathe new life into your jewelry, seamlessly mending the damage and preserving the essence of your cherished pieces.

Trust Aramis Jewelry for jewelry and stone repair that goes beyond fixing the surface. It’s about preserving the emotions, memories, and stories that your jewelry holds. Let us be the caretakers of your precious treasures, ensuring they continue to sparkle in all their glory. Revive the beauty today.


We offer a wide range of jewelry repairs, including but not limited to resizing rings, fixing broken chains, replacing missing stones, and restringing pearls.

Common signs include loose stones, broken clasps, worn prongs, and visible damage. If you’re unsure, we offer free inspections.

Yes, we specialize in repairing and restoring antique jewelry, preserving its historical and aesthetic value.

Yes, we have access to a wide variety of gemstones and can match missing stones or provide alternatives that complement your piece.

Repair times vary depending on the complexity of the job. We provide estimates when you bring your jewelry in for assessment.

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